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    We are located at the address: 30a/1 Španskih boraca St, 11070 New Belgrade

    Tel. 011/2456-822, 011/6304-336

About us

Incorporated by three founders: Žarko Popović, Snežana Popović and Ljubica Jakšić, it obtained the status of the enterprise on July 27, 1992, conducting its business activities since then. It is small-sized enterprise with eleven employees so far.

Current structure of the employees is the following: six graduated economsts, one undergraduate economist and five graduates from high school of economics.

Since the very beginning, the accounting team has been managed by Snežana Popović, a chartered accountant.

For 18 years, the enterprise has gone through different periods and changed itself so as to fit in with different conditions for business activities performance. The accounting practice itself also changed from a closed economy in which private and socially-owned enterprises were being merged, to an open economy with mostly the private capital and the obligation of applying international accounting standards to medium and large enterprises.

In addition to the extensive experience of adjustment to the accounting system changes, acquired through a longtime practice, the enterprise has also gained experience in keeping the books for the clients engaged in different fields of business acitivites. So we render accounting services to many foreign-trade firms, producing enterprises, service enterprises, wholesale and retail firms, construction enterprises, catering firms, publishing houses, tourist agencies etc. Beside legal, economic entities, there are many legal non-economic entities, humanitarian organizations, non-governmental organizations etc.

Regarding the client's capital structure, we have a number of domestic legal entities founded by foreign investors as well as non-resident legal entities. Therefore, we render bookkeeping services to the enterprises from Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Romania. Rendering accounting services to foreign companies is somewhat distinctive, as it implies monthly business statements in English with specific balance schemes, what we sucessfully accomplish.