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Role and organization of accounting function

Conditions imposed by modern business operations are such that many different tasks have been assigned to the accounting in order to make it an information base for making correct and timely decisions. AFC LORO, as an accounting enterprise to which the clients assign the task, is completely experienced to fulfill the aim in terms of personnel, technical and software facilities. By organizing accounting function in the company itself and cooperating with us, it is possible to shorten the time needed for a new business change to be entered into business records. Namely, a legislator has defined a term of eight (3+5) days as a deadline, but we are able to make it shorter by means of a working station installation at the client's premises. By means of a program package Lidder of New Dimension company, it is possible for a client to make a dispatch note and an invoice for each business change directly in a bookkeeping software and then to transfer the data electronically to the accounting department of our enterprise to be further processed. In this way, the time for transfer and making entries of business changes is shortened and their accuracy is guaranteed. Thus organized accounting function brings another advantage to the client, such as 20% lower accounting costs in comparison the conventional way of the documentation delivery.

We assume the responsibility for the documentation delivery in the scope of which a document delivery list is created so it is known at any moment where a particular document is or when is it delivered. The documentation for the current and previous year is kept filed in AFC LORO premises while older documents are returned to the client recorded.

All other electronic data are kept and saved regularly and properly.

AFC LORO prepares all the documentation needed for organization of the accounting function in keeping with the Law on Accounting and Audit (accounting rulebook, forms intended to the inventory-taking, decision on responsible person etc.).

AFC LORO represents a client before state control bodies, either before the financial control bodies according to the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration or Market and Labor Inspection serving the client's best interest.

We are aware of necessity of help in following-up and application of the regulations in the field of finances and accounting, so our professionals are always ready to assist the clients to perform their job in an expeditious, efficient and legitimate way. Professional consulting is a part of basic service package. However, AFC LORO offers consulting services to all other interested clients on a commercial basis.

A part of basic service package is also periodical, quarterly, reporting to the clients on business operation results and information on the credit and debit accounts, what enables high quality financial reporting inside the company, too. This is aimed at enabling the management body to manage business policy successfully, getting information on profit (loss), earning capability, correction of possible errors, and the amount of financial indebtedness that AFC LORO needs when calculating the value of services.

AFC LORO is well-qualified to offer monthly financial report in the way, form and language the client requests. Also, we are competent to perform professional and high-quality analysis of financial reports either for the needs of internal reporting or for other users such as banks, funds, owners etc.

AFC LORO as a reliable accounting enterprise, assumes full liability for its work and bears all the expenses for possible fines resulting from the scope of work related to the accounting issues. During the past 17 years of work we were twice in the situation to bear these expenses, in spite of the fact that they were the result of objective circumstances.

In most cases, we offer much more than we are obliged to by the contract on accounting services, due to our permanent commitment to follow-up regulation changes and our professional development.