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    We are located at the address: 30a/1 Španskih boraca St, 11070 New Belgrade

    Tel. 011/2456-822, 011/6304-336


1.Basic accounting service completely complies with the Law on Accounting and Auditing and other relevant regulations and it consists of the following:

  • general ledger keeping
  • subledger recording

 •          customers, suppliers

 •          fixed assets

 •          goods, material, finished products

 •          earnings of employees

 •          production

  • calculation and record keeping of VAT and other tax liabilities
  • annual financial statement
  • taking over, delivery, storing, filing and protection of documentation and bookkeeping data
  • acting for the Customers before state financial control bodies with full responsibility for accounting and book-keeping issues
  • other financial services- calculation of interest rates, Open Item Statement (IOS), decisions and rulebook on inventory-taking, quarterly financial reporting etc.

2.Making special balance of accounts (consolidated financial statement, separation balance sheet, merger balance sheet, liquidation balance etc.)

3.Financial business analysis- ratio analysis

4.Registration and cancellation of employee's registration, including years of service

5.Installing software for commerical operations on the customer's computer as a separate working station, including training (enabling electronic data transfer)

6.Business plan making

7.Consulting (bookkeeping, financial, tax, investment...)

8.Other services requred by clients.